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Elite Sniper Guard Hero

Developer: Row Up Apps

Experience the extreme shooting army game as a sniper shooter. Clear the missions to earn game points and to unlock the next levels which are more challenging and interesting.***STORY***
The Elite Coast Guard Marine Corps Homeland Arsenal is under attack by enemy forces. We are under the verge of destruction by the conspiracy of the tactical terrorist militants. It’s time for our Army Sniper Guard Green Berets to show resistance, their Marksmanship and Valor Cadet Scout Combat Skills training.
You as a Sniper Shooter Ranger of Sniper Guard Green Berets have to thrive against the Tactical terrorist militants and defend The Elite Coast Guard Marine Corps Homeland Arsenal. It’s time for the veteran soldiers to show some Marksmanship, patriotism and dignity to develop resistance against the enemy’s attacks and conspiracy and to thrive in tough conditions.
First you will go through the training of Delta Military Sniper Guard Green Berets, where you will be trained for Sniper Shooter Ranger of Elite Coast Guard Marine Corps, to use heavy weapons, show patriotism and learn mixed martial arts. As a Valor Cadet Scout, you need to work harder and obey the orders and train well with the trainer Marshal, to get qualified for veteran Delta Ranger.
As a Valor Cadet Scout trainer Marshal will train you for shooting, accuracy, stealth, to thrive and survive in tough conditions, to develop resistance against the enemy attacks, tactical terrorist militants group and their conspiracy, and to show marksmanship in the battlefield. You will also be trained for mixed martial arts.
As your base in under attacked, your Homeland Arsenal is under a huge threat. As a trained veteran Delta Ranger you have to survive the tough conditions, follow up the orders of your senior officers and Marshal, and fight with dignity, show your army skills and mixed martial arts tactics, and show patriotism for your country.
***COMPLETE TIMED DEFENSE MISSIONS***Survive each level for the allotted time limit, pick up health packs and armor to stay alive. Complete Rescue Operations in allotted time limit, and fight with dignity.
 Brilliant graphics and good game play Variety of new weaponry and tools New maps and levels Nice and steady controls Interesting story line